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Portal for fitness & extra healthcare. Focusing your body and mind we deliver evidence based content and connections. Dive deeper into your extreme wellbeing called health and follow our lead for consumers, business and marketing. Patients, fitness coaches, health influencers, wellness fans can join in and benefit. banner

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The world of xtr health. While health and wellness catches our daily attention we take care, we strive for better fitness. And if necessary more effective healthcare. The xtr approach is evidence based and in general doable in between. Health for you and business is fueled by a roughly 10 trillion USD global market. This leads to questions: What makes "us" still sick? Is wellness and self-care really that expensive? Is medical care what we really need to stay strong while we age?
Xtr doesn´t follow every trend as some basics for body and soul are obvious since centuries. Most of them are priceless cheap, reasonable and so simple to adapt once they found the way to your understanding. It´s way more than the glass of water in the evening before sleep. Tiny wow hacks and healthy shortcuts will make you feel securer in your body and therefore more thankful.

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Sourcing wellness

Xtr Health provides you with sources from free to unlimited and to luxury class. Yes, free health is possible and emphasizes our evidence based approach. Ever wanted to know the best health system? Maybe it is not outside of you. But there are some health giants that provide solid relief from pain, complaints and other stressful impacts on our bodies and souls. With GeoFndr we will let you know where healthcare is available.
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Health events & experiences

Experience health? Yes, the trusting way. Join in and share your expterise or your outstandig experience, written, as audio or even as video. We all love inspiring success stories or deeper understanding to get rid of pain. Self-care became possible thanks to social media via the internt. Especially in the western world 30-50% consult the "internet" for finding cheaper easy help. This is also a door for fake health and its sad results. | We share the top10 results for organic nutrition, top10 healthcare brands and top10 best online health stores with 24h delivery. Free testings for consumers is scheduled from 1Q/2022 on. | Inspirational video channels open mind and understanding for better ways to live healthier, more comfortable in your body.
Houses with winged or four-legged partners have their space at Babies are a huge niche as well and have their own plot at

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Health benefits & advantages

Affordable health starts before a problem and is part of a smart lifestyle. Some families and communities create their very own healthy way. They become little organic gardening, farming experts as nutrition is a first factor for constant and longterm wellbeing. Others are on the fast lane of life and need "health on the fly". Possible for the body, but the inner being needs more than working muscles, a harmonic digestion and some superfood for brains.
Some benefits cannot be bought but can be trained. Meet health experts, lifestyle influencer for better living in your body: As there are so many promises out there and quacks have good chances in the age of the internet, we always try to filter the best scientific studies for you. As we see Xtr as a sharing community we send out freebies, free tips and diy hacks from proven sources.

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Health for business

This industry is more than medical and beyond personal wellness, it is political, it influences global money streams. One great effect: A lot of space offers a lot of niches to jump on this train to produce win-win for you, clients and users. People are prepared to invest in their and their families strength. Xtr is a brand neutral joint for your presenting your services & products.
Known mind & body influencers can let flow what they/you have at | Xtr is event hungry by design. We know, when people come together creativity is in the air: | Marketing partner benefit from Xtr socail reach and even go new ways with us. | The Xtr domain is a great place to be seen.

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Health news streams

Fresh updates

Learn how to make fresh all by yourself. This is great for families, communities as it takes some time and is a perfect training for kids. | No time for DIY self made stuff? We have you covered as well so that you can stop being a victim of what fast food and super markets offer you. Our guides give you pracitcal, affordable according to your lifes situation. As always: Free tips are all in between, sometimes Twitter, sometimes a post, sometimes on Youtube.

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